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How to Assure Commercial Cleaning Standards for Large Offices in Perth

Large office cleaning requires a thoughtful approach. Whether it is a huge office complex or a big retail space, only a capable commercial cleaning company can handle everything. Since there are numerous cleaning companies available in Perth, choosing the right one can be tricky. Read this guide to understand the factors while Industrial Cleaning services in Perth for large offices.

How to Hire a Commercial Cleaning For Large Offices

A clean and hygienic workplace can increase work efficiency. When it comes to choosing a commercial cleaning company in Perth for large offices, the task can be pretty challenging. Even though there are numerous cleaning companies available in Perth, it’s important to choose the right one for large offices:

Find a Company With High Capabilities: When it comes to large complex premises, a small office cleaning team can’t be a perfect fit as they may not have proper training, experience, and equipment. Instead, look for a company that has documented experience and customer testimonials.

Ask For a Site-Specific Cleaning Plan: A reputed commercial cleaning company like East West Commercial Cleaning will start with in-depth cleaning site analysis and requirements. Then, they will develop a suitable site-specific cleaning plan. Make sure the cleaning plan has detailed scheduling to match your business hours. For example, if it’s a 24×7 healthcare center, a highly trained team can keep the place clean and hygienic.

Choose a Company That Understands Sustainability: Since the environment is a major issue in today’s world, ensure the company uses eco-friendly products and green cleaning methods to create a suitable workplace. Ask about their waste management practices.

Choose a Company That Has Highly Trained Staff: Whether it’s a high-traffic retail space or a sensitive healthcare center, site-specific training is essential for cleaning staff to maintain the workspace. Commercial cleaning companies that invest in training programs are better able to maintain clients’ needs. This training should cover:

  • Adhering to regulations
  • Area-specific first-class cleaning practice
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Specific equipment management
  • On-site communication and reporting

Look For Robust Communication and Reporting Processes: Since the commercial cleaning company has to deal with large offices, they should have a robust reporting system and advanced technology. So, it can offer regular updates on the cleaning process. It’s also an indication that the company takes the commitment seriously. Prioritize those companies that prioritize reporting and transparent communication.

Check if The Company That Understands Quality Management: Perth is a huge area and is popular for large workplaces and industries. When selecting a commercial cleaning Perth company, check if the company understands the quality management system and key performance indicators.


East West Commercial Company, a trusted company that provides industrial cleaning services in Perth, has a highly trained team that can handle large offices, healthcare facilities, and retail space. This company has experience of 30 years handling any type of cleaning services. Even though it’s a well-known company, ask for valid testimonials and certificates while hiring.

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