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Checklist for Commercial and Office Cleaning in Perth

A working space should always be kept clean and tidy. If an office is messy, the employees’ working morals will suffer. It’s easy to maintain an office’s cleanliness with a strict schedule or hire a Office Cleaning in Company in Perth like East West Commercial Cleaning.

Besides working with a professional team, you can follow a checklist to maintain the workplace’s tidiness. It’s important to keep the workplace clean and tidy to maintain the office’s positive atmosphere. Plus, it will ensure employees’ well-being. Keep reading to explore the checklist.

Daily Office Cleaning Routine Checklist

  • Make sure all trash cans have been emptied in the office. The removed trash should be taken to the designated area.
  • All the untouched and horizontal surfaces of windowsills, files, and chairs should be dusted.
  • Since office telephones are frequently used, they have the accumulation of germs. It can have negative effects on employees’ health. Check all office telephones are cleaned daily.
  • Since floors are easily soiled by different liquids, it makes them messy and sticky. Daily damp mopping with a proper sanitizing solution can keep office floors clean and tidy.
  • After daily cleaning, an inspection from East West Commercial Cleaning, a trusted commercial cleaning Perth company can give the perfect result.

Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Restroom is the most crucial part of an office that needs to be cleaned regularly. These are the things that need extra attention for restroom cleanliness:

  • The restroom should be stocked with hand soap, tissues, and clean towels all the time.
  • Make sure the mirrors are polished and neatly cleaned.
  • Since toilets and urinals are sensitive, they should be sanitized both inside and out.
  • The office restroom’s floors should be disinfected, mopped, and dried frequently.
  • The sanitary bins should be cleaned and sanitized.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Even though you hire East West Commercial Cleaning, a reputed industrial cleaning Perth company, it’s important to maintain a weekly cleaning checklist:

  • Floor waxing and cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Clean up untouched areas and inside cabinets
  • Clean those areas where cleaners can’t access every day.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Besides weekly cleaning, it’s essential to prepare a monthly cleaning checklist. Most Office cleaning Perth companies provide a special checklist for monthly routine tasks:

  • Electrical switches, door frames, and door handles should be wiped and cleaned regularly.
  • As telephones are handled by various people, they should be disinfected properly to remove germs.
  • Monthly cleaning is essential and should be done by a reputed company that provides commercial cleaning services in Perth.
  • All office upholstered furniture should be cleaned and vacuumed properly.


East West Commercial Cleaning is a reputed company that provides various industrial cleaning services in Perth. With an experience of 30 years, they have been serving numerous clients to keep their workplace clean and tidy. Contact today to get a quote and enhance your office’s attraction.

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